Dog leash : choosing it and its role.

Dog leash : choosing it and its role.

Iron leash, leash with reel… Choosing a leash for your dog is not always easy because the choice is so important. Here is some information to help you make your choice. Because let’s not forget, the leash is essential.

Learning to walk on a leash is essential in the city for the safety of your dog and others. It is also very useful in the country to avoid fights. Even if you don’t want to keep your dog on a leash, you should still teach him to walk with it. Indeed, if he has never felt this “constraint”, he will be unable to get used to it.

We would like to remind you that a leash is mandatory in many public places. If, afterwards, you prefer to let the dog go, you will have to teach him to recall. The leash and collar (but also the dog harness) are very important “tools”. They must be chosen correctly.

Choosing a dog leash

Retractable leashes are not very practical for learning to walk on a leash. They simply give more (supervised) freedom to a dog that does not obey the recall. You must “control” your dog by the leash. Iron leashes are “unassailable”. You will understand the importance of this quality after buying your fifth leather leash in two weeks. The length should be around one meter. Very short leashes are not recommended.

The role of the leash

The master will pull on the leash. It should not have any other role than that. You should never hit your dog with the leash. The object should be a sign of joy for the dog. Also, avoid tying him up somewhere for too long (in front of a store, for example). This will cause him to associate the leash with “imprisonment”. Play can be a learning technique, but the leash itself is not a toy.

The dog should not chew or pull on it. You should not encourage this type of behavior. He should “respect” the leash. You must keep the initiative of the outing: a dog that brings its leash to the owner is endearing but can sometimes become “dangerous”, because the hierarchy is then distorted.

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