How do you get your dog to accept the harness?

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How do you get your dog to accept the harness?

The younger the dog is, and the more he is used to wearing a harness, the easier it will be to get him to accept it and put it on. However, even an older dog can take the harness. Below are some tips for transitioning from collar to harness as successfully as possible, but they also work for puppies.

  • Can all dogs wear a harness?

All dogs, large or small, can wear a harness, as long as it is appropriate for your dog’s body type and the activity you want to do. It is even particularly recommended for short-legged dogs, pedigree dogs with crushed noses, and dogs with respiratory problems.

  • How to choose the right size dog harness?

A well-fitting harness is a key to a comfortable and practical harness. It’s all about choosing the right size, then getting each part just right. You need to measure your dog to determine which best harness size is best.

Chest size. To this measurement, add 5 cm. If you choose a more elaborate harness, make sure that it does not exceed 10% of your dog’s weight.

  • Our tips for putting a harness on your dog

Here are five tips to help you put a harness on your dog in the best possible conditions:

Don’t try to put a harness on an excited dog. First, take the time to calm the dog down and get him to sit down.

It is best to stand behind the dog to put the harness on. that makes the dog less anxious and gives you better access to his legs and chest.

Always start by putting on the front of the harness and finish by closing the back (depending on the model, it may be on the side or the back).

Make sure that the straps are flat and well centered. If one of them turns on itself, it could bother the dog or even irritate it.

Then adjust the straps so that the harness holds the dog securely but not tightly (you should be able to put two fingers between the harness and the dog’s body).

  • Getting your dog used to the harness

It is essential to let your dog get used to and accept the harness. Let him sniff the harness several times before putting it on. You may want to give your dog a treat simultaneously so that he associates the harness with something positive. Once this initial contact has been made, gently put the harness on and let the dog wear it alone in the house to get used to the sensation. Once each step is complete, you can put on the leash and walk your dog.

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